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My Name Is Dhouha Mhadhbi

Award winning interdisciplinary Designer & Photographer. Currently pursuing a perfect blend of style and function for a wide range of interactive graphic design. For the past 6 years I've helped global companies, organizations and start-ups reach business goals with user focused, interactive design.

I enjoy bringing clarity to complex problems with a people first approach. As graphic designer, I fled from a traditional path and explored my creativity, trough trying my hands on various techniques and software. Software is more than just a tool, and I try to dig deep into it. Today, I knack for critical thinking, empathy and creativity to create viable and impactful solutions using these technologies.

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Brands I Worked with

After years of evolution in the digital space, I've produced cutting-edge creative for start ups and companies spanning tech, e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, and beyond.

Technology Capabilities

My skills are constantly evolving based on the needs of my partners — from open-source to licensed enterprise tools, I stay sharp.

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Journal Update

Sequence insights. My thoughts, experiences and ideas in a world of constant change.

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